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Home » 2023 » March » 14 » Major Update: Multiplayer now available!
6:28 PM
Major Update: Multiplayer now available!

Major Game Update Announcement:

Peer-To-Peer Multiplayer has been released and it is now included with this update! Anyone can now host or join a game in progress.

The multiplayer mode now includes a Lobby where the host can choose to play the game alone against AI controlled bots, or can wait for up to 63 other players to join. The game can be played as cooperatively or as versus. Unruly players can now be banned or kicked from the game by the host.

Games can also be password protected so that only people who know the password will be able to join.

There are 10 characters and well over 30 different weapons to choose from, such as knives, pistols, guns, sniper guns, machine guns, gatling-gun, rocket launchers, various sci-fi weapons mines, C4's, grenades, just to name a few, all unique to the class they belong to. The two factions available to choose from in the Lobby are Alien or Human. Consequently, each faction has five classes: Infantry, Assault, Heavy Assault, Elite, and Marine,

The Marine and Elite classes are equipped with jet packs that can be used to traverse the map much faster. The Marine class is equipped with heavy jet packs and the Elite class are equipped with light jet packs. The heavy jet packs are slower, but use less energy and can be used to fly greater distances. As opposed to lighter jet packs which drain more energy and can be used to travel short distances very fast.

Flying vehicles can be mounted and unmounted by AI or non AI players and are equipped with blaster, laser, pulse weapons as well as guided missiles and plasma bombs, just to name a few.

The current game mode included is called Dominance where players must follow certain objectives to complete the mission. Objectives can vary from capturing areas controlled by the opposite factions to destroying various vehicles. The objectives can be viewed in game by pressing the F2 key on the keyboard.

At the end of each mission, one of three stars (gold, silver, or bronze) is awarded to the players who best accomplish the criteria associated with that particular mission.
Points are also accumulated during the mission based on kills, deaths, and accomplished objectives.
The stats for each player can be viewed by pressing F3 on the keyboard.

To 10 best scores can be viewed at the end of each mission or by selecting the rankings option on the main menu.

A chat option between players in the Lobby and in the game has been also added. The in-game chat option can be activated by pressing the F4 key on the keyboard.

The game map can be viewed in the Lobby as well as in the game. The in-game map can be seen by pressing the m key on the keyboard.

A new authentication system has also been added, where players can now create an account from the main menu and then login with their unique username and password. This will ensure that each player's stats are accurately tracked every time they log into the game. There can only be one user name and password per e-mail address.

Offscreen targets and objectives display have also been added.
Now there is a triangle shaped image displayed on the screen towards where the enemy is located outside the boundary of the field of view.
Objectives are now displayed as pings on the player's screen and the right top corner radar. The direction towards the objective is displayed as a dark orange cone on the top right corner of the radar.

Many minor and major bugs have also been fixed. This is the most stable release to date with great performance on new and old computers with a decent dedicated graphics card.

Current owners of the game can now download this major update from their Steam account!

You can also get your copy of the game HERE!

Enjoy and please leave a review on the Steam page or a comment in the forums if you enjoyed this game!

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