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Major Game Update Announcement:

Peer-To-Peer Multiplayer has been released and it is now included with this update! Anyone can now host or join a game in progress.

The multiplayer mode now includes a Lobby where the host can choose to play the game alone against AI controlled bots, or can wait for up to 63 other players to join. The game can be played as cooperatively or as versus. Unruly players can now be banned or kicked from the game by the host.

Games can also be password protected so that only people who know the password will be able to join.

There are 10 characters and well over 30 different weapons to choose from, such as knives, pistols, guns, sniper guns, machine guns, gatling-gun, rocket launchers, various sci-fi weapons mines, C4's, grenades, just to name a few, all unique to the class they belong to. The two factions available to choose from in the Lobby are Alien or Hum ... Read more »

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