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Home » 2024 » May » 1 » Major update now available in the game.
1:40 PM
Major update now available in the game.

After a long development time, the new beautiful multi-player forest map is now available in the game.
Many features and bug fixes have also been added.
Guest users can now play the game without registering, but their stats won't be tracked.
Multiplayer mini-maps have been improved so that the player can have a better view of what is happening on the map.
Teleport points are now available in the new multi-player forest map for faster travel between areas.
New ground vehicles, such as ATV-Quads, Ground Transport Vehicles, Tanks, Sci-Fi off-road vehicles, and Spider Mechs, can also be used for fast travel between different zones on the map.
New seat selection GUI is now available for each vehicle that has more than one seat.
New music and sounds have also been added to the new forest map.
Many major and minor bug fixes, as well as many other small features added throughout all the missions in the game.

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