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Vehicle hangar building with interior. I'd like to hear what every one thinks. Your input would be very helpful going forward. Thank you!

6 | ds1 | 2023-09-22 | (0)

After many iterations, I've narrowed the new cover art for the game to this image. Working on other variations to fit with Steam's aspect ratios.

56 | ds1 | 2023-06-11 | (0)

Working on a new Steam Capsule for my game. The current one is a bit too dark in contrast to the background color Steam uses on their storefront.

76 | ds1 | 2023-03-20 | (0)

The game has now been updated with even more new features, such as offscreen target and objective display.

  • Now there is a triangle shaped bitmap displayed on the screen towards where the enemy is located outside the boundary of the field of view.
  •  Objectives are now displayed as pings on the player's screen and the right top corner radar. The direction towards the objective is displayed as a dark orange cone on the top right corner of the radar.
  • Also fixed some minor bugs.
  • Most stable release to date with great performance on new and old computers with a decent dedicated graphics card.
81 | ds1 | 2023-03-02 | (0)

  • Fixed first person sprint animations for the Human and Alien Elite classes.
  • Fixed the grenade animations in first person for Multiplayer.
  • Created two separate meshes for AI and Client player, thus, reducing the number of animations that was packed in only one mesh.
  • Successful and very fun test of the Multiplayer feature over a LAN

Looking for suggestions on how to name the Multiplayer mode where the first team to complete all their objectives comes out victorious. Right now, it is named Dominance. Other names I'm considering are Battlefront and Warzone.

150 | ds1 | 2022-10-13 | (0)

A working version of the Elite and Marine classes now available for selection.

They're all equipped with jet packs and several weapons.

149 | ds1 | 2022-10-05 | (0)

Game available on Steam here.

446 | ds1 | 2021-07-20 | (0)

Great news!

After many years of development, the game will finally be available on Steam, on July 22nd, 2021 in Early Access!

You can now wishlist the game on Steam by clicking on the Add to your wishlist on Steam button below! When the game goes live, you will be informed by e-mail that the game is available for purchase.

You will be able to play through several single-player campaign missions, battling Aliens and their monster creations, having several weapons and vehicles at your disposal. Each mission is different from one another, featuring various weather e ... Read more »

592 | ds1 | 2021-06-11 | (0)

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